• W Series
  • W Series

•Guide Wheels are the main components of the Linear Motion system, they can be widely used in the industrial robot, cutting machine, motion track, production flow and so on.

• The surface of outer ring is the "W" profile formed by the two "V" with an angle of 90 degrees. The internal or external side face can be matched separately with the concave or protrudable track that both have a "V' profile with the angle of 90 degrees, and also the internal side face can be matched well with the cylindrical track.

• Wheels feature the internal design of double row angular contact ball bearing and a thick-walled outer ring, so the wheels can accommodate higher loads.

Characteristics of the guide system that series W wheels are applied:

1. Low resistance, long service life, widely-use 

After precision ground, the roughness of working surface of the series W wheels is fine and the angle of 90 degrees is accurate. The wheels have well parallelism between the "W" profile groove and the mount planes of inner ring relatively. When the wheels running, the stresses between the wheel and the track is in equality and the friction resistance is low.

2. Easy installation

After wheels assembled the concentric or eccentric bushing, installation can be made convenient. To adjust the eccentric one's eccentricity, the wheels can get the fitting preload.