For Linear Motion Guide

Guide rollers can be used in the various tracks with different configuration and in the application that need to linear motion. Such as special linear motion track, industrial robot, precision assembly line, overhead conveyer system, automatic equipments, office facilities, transmission machines, medical instruments, printing machines, giant slaughterhouse equipments, logistics transportation system and bring up the solutions from design to manufacture.

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The following machines use the same type of special rollers:

• Machine tools for fiberglass cables (lawn mowers)

• Machines for spring manufacturing

• Machines for metal wires

• Machines for spooling, un-spooling and rewinding

• Fine and high precision wire drawing

Linear Motion Guide Roller Bearing are widely used to guide, support, locate, and accurately move machinery components and products in a wide range of automation applications. Rolling element linear bearings and guides provide low friction, smooth, accurate motion for nearly any moment or normal loading condition. Major applications include factory automation, medical, packaging, machine tool, semiconductor, printing, automotive assembly, aerospace and food processing. Specifying the right bearing for a given application is necessary to save time and excessive costs. Understanding the tradeoffs of each bearing type is important to accurately size and select the right bearing for your application. Choosing an inadequate solution can lead to higher costs in design, surface preparation, materials, assembly, and bearing maintenance. Or worse, it can lead to insufficient machine accuracy, repeatability, and life, requiring an entirely new type of linear guide. This article will provide an overview of the major types of linear bearings and guides, explain how to specify them for specific applications and describe how to trouble-shoot common application problems.